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Find your Property for sale January in the Aude

This time of year brings to mind thoughts of holidays or you may have made
new year’s resolutions that you would achieve your dream of buying a
property in France during 2010 and perhaps are now realizing that if you are
going to achieve this you had better get started.
This is an extremely good time to buy in France for the many reasons I list

The property market and price increases slowed during the latter part of
2009 due to the outside influences of the financial markets in other countries,
giving way to a much more stable market At present there
are just gradual increases as is normal in France and there are some reductions being made
where sellers had been over hopeful about what price they could achieve.
Properties coming onto the market now are at more realistic prices.
This time of year has always been the most popular for putting properties
onto the market and as such, if you make your trip to view properties now
you will find you are offered the widest choice of properties that are fresh on
the market.

It is a good time to view properties as most areas are not yet looking their
best, the sun may not be shining and it is far easier to see the bad points in a
property when it is perhaps cold and raining. Any problems of leaks, damp
etc are likely to be noticeable at this time of year. It is also much more
pleasant to view properties without the sun beating down on you when it can
be difficult to think properly.

Because the market will be a little quieter at present it means that you may
have the opportunity of taking a little longer to make up your mind about a
property without worrying that someone else may step in within the next 24
hours – but that is not necessarily the case and you should take advice from
the agent you are with if you are seriously interested in a property.

At this time of year travel including flights and ferries are cheaper as well as
hotel accommodation so that you can make longer or multiple trips for a
lower cost than later in the year. You will have the added bonus of being
able to purchase your high season flights in advance once you have bought
and they will of course be cheaper the earlier you buy them. With the
popularity of France increasing there are more and more destinations being
offered which opens up new areas, sometimes at very reasonable prices.

Should you find a property to interest you and require some estimates for
works that you will require to be carried out, you will find it easier to get
artisans to visit the property to give you an idea of costs. And, in the event
that you buy the property you will still have time to get the work completed
before the summer. If you want to install a swimming pool you would still
have time to get it done before the summer and the fact that you are having
it built out of season may in fact lower the cost.

If you buy in January you will be able to complete on it and use your property by
the time the sun comes out in May and into the summer so that you will save
the money that would have gone towards a holiday this year and put it into
the property.

If you intend renting out your property to pay the expenses and the
mortgage then you will have time to get bookings for your property for the
high season which will be particularly useful during your first year of

For many purchasers it will be a good idea to take a mortgage on the
property in order to avoid some of the currency risk. The mortgage rate is
lower in France than the UK. It will also be worthwhile to buy your currency
as soon as you agree your purchase in order to fix the rate and therefore the
cost of the property to you in sterling. You can buy your property at a fixed
future rate by lodging 10% of the amount that will be required with a
currency exchange company.
An added bonus for those purchasing early in the year is that you will save
the taxe d’habitation for this year as it is payable by the occupants of the
property on 1st January.

With the unsettled financial markets in many countries at present, it may be
prudent to invest in another country so that you ‘don’t put all your eggs in
one basket’. The Euro is a strong currency and will always hold its own. In
fact France offers a very stable market generally and a safe and secure
purchasing process. Your investment should grow over time and eventually
provide you with a nest-egg, possibly for your retirement as well as having
given you years of enjoyment for you and your family. If you have rented it
out it may even have provided you with an income.
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