Friday, 14 May 2010

Complexities of the French Language

La Baguette

Most of us are totally satisfied with the most obvious meaning of this word- and that is the french stick that has a plethora of uses.
However, it does not end there- here begins its voyage...........
Here are some more meanings:

  • switch

  • stick

  • pointer

  • baton

  • ramrod

  • rod

  • tally

  • moulding

  • molding

  • trim

    Then a few expressions to add to the complexity:

    • baguette de protection
      side trim

    • baguette magique

    • baguette de tambour

    • faire marcher quand à la baguette
      have somebody at one's beck and call 


    A diving rod

    Ramrod, gun, wand used to

    compress the load into the barrel. 

    In some countries, some officers wore a stick when they were in office, hence figuratively, the sense of authority given to stick. Be led by the rod, show themselves subject to an imperious will. 
    Military punishment involves hitting with a stick. Making a soldier by the rods.  

    Terms of architecture. Small round molding, rod-shaped.

    In laboratories, glass rod for stirring or mixing of substances. 

    Nautical term. Mast placed behind the lower masts.  

    Enough............................. long live La Baguette!!!!
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